Individual 8

"The first time I experienced sleep paralysis I woke up, I don't know what time it was or why I woke up but it was dark and I had this feeling that something was wrong. I wanted to turn on the bedside light but I couldn't move, I couldn't even look at the lamp. I usually lay on my side, facing away from the door.

I was just laid there staring at the wall for god knows how long. It was dark and I had this feeling that someone was in my flat, in my room, which would have been impossible because I always shut and lock the door, even during the day. I couldn't move, and I couldn't look to see that there was nobody there. All I could do was try to hold my breath. It was without a doubt, the scariest moment of my life. I always sleep facing the door now. It lasted so long that I could almost see the breath in front of my face, swirling in the dark. It was the middle of June.

I felt like I had been strapped in a straight jacket, and then encased in cement, even my face felt like I was wearing an iron mask. I know a lot of people have visions of looming figures when they experience sleep paralysis, but every time I do, it's just the feeling of being unable to move anything, not even my eyes, and being barely able to breathe Although I think that being unable to breathe is more from the anxiety of not being able to move."

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