Individual 7

"I've experienced sleep paralysis quite a few times. The first time I experienced it, I was at my parents’ home when I was 18/19 and all of a sudden, I woke up, opened my eyes and tried to move but I couldn't move a muscle. So, I started to panic and try scream but I couldn't even do that!

As that was all happening, there was a crack in my curtains and the moon was shining through which I thought was a demon and I felt a big pressure on my chest like the demon was coming for me. Then what felt like 20 minutes of trying to move and riggle, my body woke up and I sat straight up and ran to my parent’s room, and then they didn’t understand and told me to go to back to bed. So, after that, it happened quite a few times and it was always when I slept on my back. I try avoiding doing that now.

When it’s happening, I don’t panic anymore, and I just lay there trying not to move and let it pass and it usually goes pretty quickly. Sometimes I can hear someone calling my name very quickly consecutively, which was very creepy. The first couple times it really scared me, and I always panicked and tried my hardest to move but now I just lay there and let it pass over without trying to panic.

I haven't had it in a few months now but when I had a bout of them I noticed that it usually happened when I'd thought about it before bed (that’s an interesting thing) which makes me think that it’s all in the mind… who knows! And yes, I was always alone when it happened."