Individual 5

"I had previously had a dream where I was told that I was possessed and when nobody was there I was scratching the walls of the house. As I woke up, I woke up in my own bed as usual however when I opened my eyes next to my bed there was an old lady sat on some type of stool saying words in a different language. My first reaction was to try and hide under my cover which was when I discovered I couldn’t move. I couldn’t even blink. At this point, my heart was beating extremely fast and I was wide awake.

I couldn’t move a muscle for about 40 seconds which was when I was able to start blinking after this. By this point I was very aware that there was no way this woman could have gotten into my house and I didn’t own a stool so rather than trying to hide I just kept repeatedly blinking seeing if she’d go away however after blinking for about 15 seconds instead of her disappearing she just walked out of the room and as she’d left the room it was like a giant weight holding me down had lifted and I was able to move again.

It left me feeling absolutely petrified and I couldn’t sleep in a house alone for a month after that."