Individual 4

"So, I usually experience two different types. Ones where I can move and ones where I can't at all. I get them 4/5 times a night and it's awful. When I was younger it used to just be giant tarantulas on the wall, now I tend to see people stood over my bed, shadows, demons and things floating about my room. Things moving and floating about my room tends to be a regular one I have.

It usually happens when I'm at home, I struggle to sleep in a room/bed by myself because of this though. The ones I remember vividly is an angry Scottish man with blood all over him stood over me screaming in my face, and a little boy with a spoon weirdly enough, he looked dead and was staring blankly.

Then there was a shadow of a girl suspended above my bed. When I'm in bed with my boyfriend I have this feeling like nothing is real and I'm in a different world. With the ones I can move in, I usually wake up screaming and seeing these things and end up in the middle of a different room screaming for like 5 minutes until someone calms me down. It's made me afraid of the dark too.

So sometimes I can hear like inaudible whispering, other times I wake up and hear screaming. In the ones, I can actually move I wake up sometimes talking back to them and shouting at them to go away? But I'm half asleep and don't really know why. The girl that's suspended is in a white dress and hair covering her face but her eyes are like black. But they ask me to come with them and when I'm responding I'm always saying "no I don't want to go with you". If I've been watching a film/playing a game before bed sometimes what I see relates to that too! Especially horror films."