Individual 1

"So I have had numerous experiences but the first one was when I was at my dad's and I was sleeping on the air bed and I thought I woke up to the house on fire but I couldn't move or scream and I could hear my sisters but couldn't move. Well, I could just a bit, it was more of just a jiggle. From that spot and I could see the flames going higher and higher in the corner of my eyes and just as the room filled with smoke I could move, that was the scariest thing ever just for the pure fact I couldn't tell if it was a dream or not when it first happened. I never had that ever again and that was last year.

The next one is in a sequence of nights over a few weeks. This has to be the most frightening experience I have ever encountered. At first, it would be just me in the room and I'd try to move and kick and scream but after what seems like hours I'd wake up and this happened now and again for a few weeks but after about 3 weeks things got weird. So the usual would happen but this time it there was a woman all white at the other side of my room but I could see the face then I woke up and over a few weeks she got closer and closer.

Just for the record my bed was on stilts at this point but yeah and then one night I woke up in that state and I could see her where she normally was so I looked around and when I looked at the side of where the wall is she was there looking at me through the wooden slats, her eyes were just black but not much of a face and black hair, also I should say the gap was no more than half an inch. The next night shook me, so the same thing happened but this time I saw her at the end of my bed on it and she moved closer and then I believe I was attacked I remember getting thrown around the bed pretty violently and then off it and I woke up online floor covered in them bruises you can see but they kill, I think that was from hitting the wall and ceiling.

But they were the worst encounters I have had and every time I get into sleep paralysis I work my hardest to get out any way possible because it's awful."