Individual 12

"This specific moment must have happened around 2 years ago, though it is hard to tell because it can happen small and often. I was in the centre of my double bed, with two pillows behind me, this gave my head enough support to raise it so I had a vision of my feet at the other end.

Laying very straight, with my arms above the covers pulling them down, I sadly have no recollection of the time as I fell swiftly back to sleep around ten minutes after the occurrence.

Something stirred me from my sleep, If I remember, a loud click from the house settling as it cooled at night as I opened my eyes a ghastly face rested just to the left of the foot of my bed. After a few seconds as it came into focus and slowly began to open its mouth, stretching and warping. it glided to the top of the room before disappearing.

This is one of the few times I found myself startled since it had been much more real than normal. but I can say I wasn't scared, I find these apparitions easy to distinguish from reality, and because they're over so quickly I don't really have time to contemplate them."